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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Asian Dating Sites

Want a few good Asian dating sites to choose from when looking for love? Then take a peek at these hand picked options.

After a reader asked the other day about whether or not he should use an Asian dating site to meet the woman of his dreams (literally), I decided it was time to create a list of Asian dating sites that users could easily choose from depending on their wants, needs and budget. These sites cater specifically to men looking for a heterosexual partnership with an Asian woman.

Now its true that many sites will let you search specifically by race and gender. So why the need for niche dating sites that cater to specific nationalities? In my opinion, there are two reasons: because it provides variety and a different user base than the large dating sites, and because it offers a different user experience — namely that it can cater the entire look, feel and layout of the site to its specialized clientele, who likely know exactly what kind of person and/or relationship they are looking for.

So without further ado, here is my list of the best Asian dating sites (currently) out there.

Asian Singles Connection

One of the few Asian dating sites that don’t come across as cheesy or mail-order-bride-ish, Asian Singles Connection is a clean and uncluttered site. Anyone can sign up for free, but you’ll need to pay a monthly fee (ranging from $7.99 to 9.99 a month depending on how long you want to sign up for) to gain enough access to message someone. The site is cheap, easy to use and has a few great features (such as their free compatibility indicator) but their list of satisfied users doesn’t list anyone more recent than 2007 — so do your safe dating research before signing up.

Asia FriendFinder

Part of the massive Adult Friend Finder chain, Asia Friend Finder basically taps into the same database of users, but only brings back search results from the folks who either are Asian, or are looking for an Asian partner. I’m not a huge fan of the Adult Friend Finder Network for a long list of reasons, but its hard to beat their sheer volume of users.  Memberships range from $6.88 to 14.88 a month, and the freebie sign up membership doesn’t allow for much, other than looking at small pictures in limited search results.

Asia Funs

If you can get past the poor English title, this free Asian dating site is actually quite a find. Its not terribly attractive, but it has an excellent search engine, a revolving ticker that shows whose online, blogs, and even couples dating. There are a surprising number of users too, so its definitely worth a look.

Asian Chats

Another Asian dating site that is tied into a large dating site’s user base (Successful Match), Asian Chats offers a true Asian experience, with news related to the Asian community, greeting cards, and verification options to ensure that all of its users are actually who they say they are.

Cherry Blossoms

The oldest Asian dating site on this list, Cherry Blossoms has been around since 2000, and proudly states on its website that its matched together more than one hundred thousand couples since its inception. The site will also help with the Visa approval process, offering a bit more of a rounded approach to the niche.


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