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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vacation Activities In Destin Florida When Fishing Isn't Your Thing Posted By: Stephen Daniels

Destin Florida, located on Florida's Emerald coast, is a picturesque city named after Captain Destin who settled there in the mid-19th century. The city's history, however, can be traced farther back, suggesting that life on the current site has existed for several millennia. In the 1970s and 1980s, the city began to emerge with the construction of multiple condominiums. The area has evolved from a modest fishing village into one of the leading tourist destinations in America. Authorities estimate that Destin now has over 4 million visitors annually, which is amazing given that the local population is only about 10,000 people year round.

People travel to and vacation in Destin Florida because of the extraordinarily white beaches made of ultra-finely ground quartz, and the emerald-colored water. This beautiful town also offers lots of other activities, including about a dozen water parks.

Destin is widely known as "the world's luckiest fishing village." For die-hard fishermen and women, this is a challenge that can't be overlooked. For an affordable fee, anyone can charter one of hundreds of fishing vessels and, at least for awhile, be part of the rich fishing fraternity.vacation in Destin Florida accommodations in Destin Florida vacation rentals


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