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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is It Possible To Win Back Your Love? Posted By: Sue Knot

Is it possible to win back your love after a break-up has occurred? People of both sexes from all over the globe ask themselves this question many, many times, week in and week out. Some of them will just continue to keep asking themselves the question, and some will try to get their sweet back through pleading or persuasion. But the reality is, it not possible to control another person's point of view, regardless how desperate you are or how correct you may think you are. But it is possible to control yourself and your own emotions, which in turn will influence how you come across to other people.

So when you're constructing some sort of a game plan to win back an ex, instead of putting all of your attention on them, you will do better if you focus on yourself. Remember that it is not practicable to revitalise your ex's love and affection for you. Whatever happened to create the breakdown of your relationship cannot be taken back, but you can start work on not permitting those things to happen again if and when you become aware of what they to get your ex back


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