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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Top Online Dating Tips for Newbies About Communication

Part of an online dating tips series, this article talks about how to communicate with online dates including what to and not to do in a variety of online and real-world situations.

This post is a continuation of the Top Online Dating Tips series. In part one we discussed how to choose a dating site, part two went into dating safety and what makes a good date, and part three went into the basics of creating a dating profile and choosing a picture. In this installment, we’ll talk about how to communicate with other online daters, both when things are still in the early phases of an interaction, and if or when they peter out.

Online Dating Tip #7: Learn How To Communicate Online

Getting to know someone through an online dating site is a completely different process than through other channels that folks meet people, i.e. speed dating, through friends, or at the bar. In the more traditional methods of meeting people, we have a lot of body language cues to draw upon, as well as face to face contact to determine if someone is a good date or not. With online dating however, most of those cues have been removed. Instead, all we have is chat, emails, photos and a profile to go from. There’s definitely a bit of sleuthing involved. As well, the language that singles use on dating sites can be a bit overwhelming; between the acronyms and dating lingo, it can be a bit overwhelming. My suggestion? Take some time to learn how to both read what a profile really means, as well as understand the basic language and etiquette of online communication if you aren’t already net savvy.

Online Dating Tip #8: Be Respectful

It should go without saying that respect is the cornerstone of meeting people online, but let’s cover the bases anyway just in case.  Don’t say anything on an online dating site that you wouldn’t share with a stranger that you’re stuck waiting in line with, no matter how attractive they are. Heterosexual women using online dating sites will quickly appreciate that online dating tip, as they are often inundated with lewd messages when first signing up for a site.  Respect also means not disappearing when you make the decision not to pursue a relationship. It might be difficult, but if you’re finding there’s no click with someone – either before you meet, during a date, or after when you’ve had time to think about it – let the other person know kindly and gently. A quick, “Its been really great getting to know you, and I’ve really enjoyed __fill in the blank__ about you, but I’m just not feeling a relationship connection between us to take this any further. I don’t want to lead you on, so I thought it might be best to let you know up front,” always works.


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