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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where Do Women Stand In Today' Posted By: Nikki Curry

Women -VS-Business
As we listen to the news daily, we hear more and more about the doom and gloom of the economy. History has shown that most millionaires are made during a downturn economy or depression. What does this mean to women or for women?
Statics show that in the United States a woman opens up a new business. This is amazing to hear, especially in a recession. Women have a way of jumping in head first and trying new things just to see if they can make it stick.
Nevertheless, women have a tendency to get mired down into details, and never complete tasks at hand. If we learn to set goals and have a prominent vision we can work thru anything.
If you don't have a clear vision for where you're going and a strategy to get there, you'll end up spinning your wheels for months and even years. A strong, compelling vision statement about something you're passionate about is the starting place to give you a road map to guide your actions.
The problem is we find excuses to do things for ourselves, but we find all the time in the world, to help others.Branding


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