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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Should I Sign Up With an Asian Dating Site?

A reader asks if he should sign up for any dating site, or if a niche Asian dating site is more up his alley.

Jeff asks: I’m really attracted to Asian women, and its a bit of a fantasy of mine to date a woman of Asian descent. Should I sign up for an Asian dating site, or would I be better off staying with the big online dating sites instead and just searching for Asian women through the search function?

Well Jeff, I’d say that under normal circumstances you’d want to sign up for both a niche dating site (such as an Asian dating site that caters to men like yourself) as well as one of the big three:, eHarmony and/or PlentyOfFish, depending on what kind of relationship you’re after. Why? Because a larger dating site will give you the features that you need, but a niche dating site might bring you in contact with someone that you otherwise wouldn’t run across because of its specialized nature.

Unfortunately, your circumstances aren’t normal and require a bit more information and investigating. Not that being attracted to Asian women is a bad thing – not at all – but that Asian dating sites have a series of issues all their own.

Do a quick search of “Asian dating” or “Asian dating sites” at your favorite search engine and you’ll see what I mean. Many of the top results are merely matrimonial ‘dating’ sites looking for men to either fly or move to an Asian country in order to meet their prospective wife – something that I didn’t get the impression you were after from your question.

So the first thing to do is to learn how to date safely when perusing any dating site, but especially those that cater to men looking to meet a woman of Asian descent. That means investigating the websites that interest you, reading their terms of service and privacy policies, and searching out dating site reviews to see if other singles have had success. It also means really vetting the folks you speak with and meeting them in person rather than living the relationship online. The last point is especially important, because you’ll want face-t0-face time to really connect, while ensuring that the person on the other side of the emails isn’t just out to scam you — sad but true, it happens all too often.

When you’re on the large dating sites that attract huge numbers of singles, I also suggest that you keep an open mind and don’t set your criteria too stringently when it comes to who can contact you or what kind of person you’re after. Some women of mixed race might be turned off by what seems to be unyielding criteria, and yet others might think that all you’re after is to fulfill a fantasy, and don’t care about the person behind the picture. Neither one bode well when you’re looking to attract a date, so try to enjoy whatever kind of lovely women come your way, regardless of their race or nationality.


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