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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dating Guide For Men - Three Things You Should Never Do On A Date With A Woman Posted By: Chris Tyler

If there is one thing that you can ALWAYS count on when it comes to dating women, it is that you are going to mess things up every now and again. As long as you don't mess things up too much, it's really not that bad of a thing. The real trick is to know which things outweigh the others. That will help you to become a lot more successful when it comes to dating women.

Here are three things that you NEVER want to do on a date with a woman:

1. Wuss out at the first possible moment.

How you start off the date is going to direct where the rest of it goes and it you wuss out at the first possible moment, then that is not a good sign at all. So, when she asks you where you are planning to take her, have an answer. Just do not be one of those guys that says something like, "I don't know, what do you want to do?" That just screams out to her, hello, I am a big pushover!

2. Take her some place that you cannot women dating guide for men what not to do on a date


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