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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Relationships - 5 Turn Ons For Men That You Do Not Know About Posted By: Jim Cunningham

How to turn your man on is a common Google search. You may think this is solely sexual, but ignore the rumors, your man is more complicated than that. There are several factors that make up his exciter. The mistake women make in their approach to men is the tendency to think like a woman. I know it seems natural for you to think like a woman, but forget that. You got to get into his head; think like a man. That's where you are in luck, I am going to give you 5 turnons for men - guaranteed to give him chills.

1. Laughing is sexy. Guys pay attention when a woman laughs. It can be a turn on. It usually means you are happy. It might say you are funny. It may mean you like his sense of humor. It suggests you are a fun person. Sometimes it is how you laugh. Caution, snorting when you laugh nullifies all that was just said about laughing being a turn on.

2. Sassy is fun. It is playful. It can be verbal sparring and witty. It's a little smart ass, but in a fun way.relationships men women turn ons make him happy how to turn on your man what a man wants


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