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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The No-no's Of Internet Dating - Guidelines For Finding Love Online Posted By: Deborrah Cooper

Let's begin with a brief history of online dating. Do you remember back in the day when people used video dating services, 900 number party lines, match makers or the personals ads in the back of the newspaper? Most of us were curious and browsed such ads just to see what people had to say about themselves and what they were looking for.

Then around 1991 the Internet hit in a big way, and by 1995 it was an integral part of business communications. Since then millions of singles worldwide have flocked to online dating websites, hoping to find true love with the click of a mouse.

Back in those early days, anyone placing an ad on a website looking for a date was considered to be desperate, the dregs of society - a total loser! At this juncture just about everyone has either a My Space, Face Book, Black Planet, Live Journal or Twitter page; meeting singles online has now become mainstream and totally acceptable.

Dating is rough, no doubt about it. Using the Internet to find romantic partners can be the path to your soul mate, or it can be the path to your worst nightmare!online dating internet dating society online dating tips dating etiquette culture


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