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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Female Journalist Praises Practical Courses Posted By: Martin Hofschroer

A Daily Telegraph journalist has written about the practical and financial benefits of taking DIY courses.

Lifestyle writer Cherry Maslen enrolled on a female-focused course aiming to teach women about the benefits of DIY, which was hosted by original Big Brother winner and television handyman Craig Phillips.

Cherry Maslen explained that taking practical courses targeted at beginners was beneficial because no one felt awkward asking simple questions which might seem obvious to more experienced DIYers.

Craig Phillips told the class: "Good morning ladies. Has anyone done any DIY before? Ask me anything, it doesn't matter how daft you think your question is. If there's something you want to do at home, now's the time to tell us."

The roving reporter started with painting and decorating courses which involved learning how to paint a large wall and how to hang wallpaper like an expert.

After studying a demonstration and taking tips from the tutors, Maslen and her partner managed to succeed admirably in their efforts.

"Amazingly, with the help of a spirit level and plenty of encouragement, we stood back to admire our finished 'wall'. It was beautiful;tiling courses decorating courses carpentry courses


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