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Sunday, June 13, 2010

How To Flirt With Women Posted By: Chris Chew

Isn't it funny that men love the company of women, but most of us are afraid to flirt and have fun with them? Did you notice that most men, when in the company of a woman they like will stiffen up and agree to everything the woman say? That is boring to the girl, isn't it? Flirting with a girl can be fun and exciting for both of you!

Granted, good flirting and seduction skills do require some practice, but once you have acquired the skills, you will definitely see your success with women improve astronomically.

You see, women just like men naturally love attention and admiration. Flirting is simply a woman's term for the male term "pick up". You can call it pride, girls just don't like to be "picked up" as this makes them feel like an object whereas "flirting" represents something more fun and exciting. Remember when you were a little boy and used to tease girls to get their attention? Well, flirting with women is something like that.

Most men when flirting with girls has the expectation of getting the girl's number or to secure a date.flirt flirting attract women girls


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