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Friday, June 11, 2010

What are your thoughts regarding caucasian women dating asian american guys?

Some super tall asian guy is asking me what his chances with white women are. Watch as I reveal the secret to him.

Some dude from yahoo answers had a cool question. Now, its obvious he hasnt taken my secret quiz, but ignore that, and focus on his question, and how I answer it.

Question: I have been told that I am an attractive Asian man (6′3″ athletic, charming etc.) by some very attractive causcasian women. Most of my friends are white, but I haven’t had a long term relationship with a white woman. I do find white women very attractive since they have beautiful eyes, and nice curves to make them sexually appealing in addition to their personality. As a woman do you asian men attractive? Are they any things that would prevent you from dating an asian man?

Answer: I know you asked this question to women, but I will answer it for you based on some observations and studies.

1) What has been found is that women do tend to be more reserved about dating out of their race or ethnicity

2) I think (from general observation) white women tend to be chasing black guys when they do go outside the white pool

3) Height is the number one factor in being attractive to women, and you’re tall as hell

But most importantly…

4) None of this matters. You see… The truth is the biggest factor in whether you attract women is your confidence and your “game”. Now I don’t like the term “game” as it has some manipulative connotations… But in general I mean your lifestyle and how you communicate with women. You can take a guy who’s a girl’s exact type physically but if he’s pushy, creepy and dumb (most guys today are)… he will repel her away. Give her a guy who’s not her type, but who’s funny, charming and charismatic, cool, calm and relaxed, and she will go gaga over him. So focus more on your ability to attract women, instead of all this superficial stuff and you’ll see none of it matters that much.


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