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Monday, June 7, 2010

How To Attract Women - Why Women Love An Alpha Male Posted By: Chris Tyler

You have already heard it before and you know that it is true. Women are naturally attracted to men that are able to present themselves as being the alpha male. Where a lot of guys tend to get it all mixed up is, when they try to act like what they think this kind of guy should act like. Look, you don't have to dominate a woman to be an alpha male. Really, that is not at all what you should be doing.

Instead, you need to act like a secure natural born leader that a woman naturally wants to follow and be with. If you want to know why women are attracted to an alpha male, you don't have to dig any deeper than taking a quick look at nature. The alpha male is the desired one that the female wants to mate with. In human terms, it's the guy that women want to date.

Here are some tips on how to be the natural alpha male:

1. You have to walk with you head up. The quiet unassuming guy almost never gets noticed by anyone, let alone by attractive to attract women alpha male natural alpha male women


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