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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dating Tips For Men - How To Woo A Woman Without Looking Like You Are Desperate! Posted By: Chris Tyler

I hope that you already know that looking like you are desperate to a woman is not at all going to make you attractive to her. Though you might really feel that way, you are going to have to do your best to hide it and not let it show. When a woman sees that a man seems to be desperate for her attention and her approval, it's like an automatic signal that tells her to stay AWAY from that guy.

You want to come off like you really do not need her attention. This makes you seem much more like a secure and confident kind of guy, the kind of man that women are naturally drawn to. Unless you want to get rejected over and over again by women, then you need to keep that feeling of desperation at a minimum.

Here are some ways to woo a woman without looking like a desperate guy:

1. Control your excitement. All men know that little feeling of excitement when it seems to be going well for tips for men desperate for attention attract a woman


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