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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dating - How To Flirt With Confidence Posted By: Frank Dee

Flirting is a great and fun way to let the person you are dating know that you are interested in them. It can also make you feel fully alive, in tune with your senses and emotions as well as giving you that hot tingling feeling all over your body. Even though it is a wonderful feeling to have, there are a few boundaries you need to be aware of to prevent yourself coming across as desperate or as some sort of sex maniac.

Here are a five flirting rules to consider:

1) As well as using your eyes use your whole body as well. Your body language can give away subtle signs and messages about how you really feel towards a person. When your date is talking lean slightly towards them, show you are interested in what they are saying as if you are hanging onto their every word. Whatever you do, do not fold your arms as this is a defensive mechanism. However, if your date is a bore your most welcome to use it.

2) They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. They are your most alluring feature so, take full advantage of them.flirting rules successful dating harmless flirting dating


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