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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bouncing Back After A Flood Posted By: Matt Millsap

. In the wake of the recent flooding in Nashville, residents of middle Tennessee learned first hand just how much damage water can do, and how quickly it can do that damage. Even without a storm to blame, frozen or broken pipes and interior flooding cause almost as much damage as hurricane waters.

When repairing flood and water damage, the real challenge is going deeper than merely visible problems. Water can get into the most obscure nooks and crannies in a home, spots impossible to see. For example, water stains in the ceiling of a room are likely to have a damp trail behind them that leads all the way to the exterior of the home. Drying the walls and floors may not be a sufficient response to extensive water damage. Flood damaged walls and cabinets must be demolished and thoroughly cleaned and renovated. The damp wood and standing water trapped behind flooded walls or above leaky ceilings can become a breeding ground for decay, mildew, and potentially dangerous molds.

Flood damage, whether the result of catastrophic storms or broken plumbing, must be dealt with as promptly as possible.building company No 7 tennessee remodeling Flood Damage Renovation nashville remodeling


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